Talent Development Hot Seat: Interviews with Executives and Learning & Development Leaders from Companies around the World

Talent Development Hot Seat: Interviews with Executives and Learning & Development Leaders from Companies around the World

The Talent Development Hot Seat features interviews and insights from leading talent development professionals and company executives who are passionate about developing their people. The host, Andy Storch, will ask each of them to share some of their successes, failures, challenges and advice for others as well as what trends they are seeing in the industry. The main goal of the podcast is to help listeners become more successful in their own jobs and accelerate their careers as Talent Development professionals.

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    Ep 68: The Future of Talent Development with Ben Putterman from LinkedIn

    In today’s episode, Andy interviewed Ben Putterman. Ben is a strategic and creative learning and talent development professional with a passion for enhancing personal and organizational performance.

    Currently, Ben is the head of Learning and Development and Global Sales Readiness at LinkedIn. Prior to LinkedIn, he worked at Oracle, Gap, The Wiseman Group, and Tesla.

    He is committed to the belief that any business only goes as far as its people will take it and that people in the right conditions and with the right support can accomplish amazing things.

    Ben is a committed father, soccer coach, and avid art collector.

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    Ep 67: Managing Talent Development through a Merger with Katie Ball from Keurig Dr Pepper

    In today’s episode, Andy interviewed Katie Ball. Katie is the Director of Talent and Development at Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. located in Plano, TX. She is also the Commanding Officer of the Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center located in Gulfport, MS. She began her professional career as a Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy deployed to the Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean, and surrounding countries. In 2005 she was selected to return to the United States Naval Academy and teach leadership and character development at the academy. Her continued service in the military has taken her all over South America, Europe, and Asia. Katie has been in Keurig Dr Pepper for the last 5 years and she's responsible for the leadership development and high potential development programs, organisational development, interventions, corporate leadership development, e-learning, digital content learning management systems, and competency alignment for the 25,000 employees of the company. Katie is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and has served 16 years on active and reserve duty.

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    Ep 66: The Science of Selection with JP Elliott from Dick’s Sporting Goods

    In today’s episode, Andy interviewed JP Elliott. JP is not only the vice president of Talent Management at Dick's Sporting Goods, he is also a very business focused I-O psychologist with a PhD and a strong point of view on talent selection. JP also has a robust background in consulting as well as leading talent organisations in-house. He’s also a frequent speaker at conferences and a contributor to thought leadership in the HR field. JP also co-authored a chapter in The Talent Management Handbook 2nd edition.

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    Ep 65: Turning your Managers into Multipliers with Liz Wiseman

    In this episode, Andy interviewed Liz Wiseman, a researcher and an executive adviser who teaches leadership to executives around the world. She's also the author of New York Times bestsellers Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter and The Multiplier Effect: Tapping the Genius Inside Our Schools. She also wrote the Wall Street Journal bestseller Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work. Liz is also the CEO of The Wiseman Group, a leadership, research, and development firm. On the show, they talked about managers who try to diminish their people, the accidental diminishers, the diminishing and multiplier leaders, and many more. You’ll surely learn a lot of interesting insights in this episode so don’t miss it!

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    Ep 64: How to Make HR more Strategic and Connect with the C-Suite w/ Margaret-Ann Cole

    In today’s episode, Andy interviewed Margaret-Ann Cole. Margaret is the president of Crenshaw Associates, a market leader and premier leadership support for senior executives and their organisations.

    She has over 20 years of experience in leadership development, performance management, strategic planning, and operations improvement. She helps companies identify and leverage the talents of their pipelines.

    Her expertise spans industries across the globe and she’s involved in structure and designs, service delivery models, reengineering processes technology, and sourcing solutions.

    Before joining Crenshaw, she held senior positions at large HR consulting firms including Accenture, Right Management, Willis Tower Watson, and PWC.

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    Ep 62: How to Develop Strong People Leaders in the Modern World with Terence Morley from NBCUniversal

    In today’s episode, Andy interviewed Terence Morley. Terence is the Director of Talent Development for NBCUniversal. In his role, he equips team leaders and individual contributors with the essential skills, business knowledge, and opportunity to succeed in their roles. Terence also leads Talent Development's digital efforts including learning platforms, content, and strategy. He also partners with multiple businesses to help build leaders and shift culture at all levels. Terence holds a Bachelor's in Biology & Philosophy from the University of Scranton. He also has a Master's in Organisational Communication and Medieval History from Fordham University. In addition, he is also an ASTD Certified Professional. He currently lives in Cranford, New Jersey with his wife and daughter.

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    Ep 61: Exceptional Talent Management and Succession Planning with Tracey Grimshaw from Belden, Inc

    In today’s episode, Andy interviewed Tracey Grimshaw. Tracey has just finished presenting a case study on her company’s unique approach to talent management and succession planning.

    Tracey is a talent management, organisational development, and learning executive with global experience.

    She is currently the vice president of Human Resources at Belden Inc., a global leader in high quality and end-to-end signal transmission solutions. She delivers a comprehensive product portfolio designed to meet the mission-critical network infrastructure needs of industrial, enterprise, and broadcast markets.

    Tracey is an expert in areas like organisational design, change management, and learning and development.

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    Ep 60: Developing Better Managers through Coaching with Wendy Hanson from BetterManager

    In today’s episode, Andy interviewed Wendy Hanson. This interview is different because Wendy is not a talent practitioner and she does not work for a large company. Wendy is an executive coach and has more than 20 years of experience working with individuals and teams on creating a culture where they can communicate more effectively, delegate efficiently, and help people use their strengths and talents at work. Wendy is the co-founder and COO at BetterManager.us. She knows what it takes to help managers succeed in rapidly growing environments. The BetterManager.us team of coaches work with all levels of managers all around the world. It is really coaching at scale for all levels.

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    Ep 59: Aligning Strategy, Culture and People with Lisa Ridge from Teradata

    In today’s episode, Andy interviewed Lisa Ridge. Lisa is the director of Global Talent Management and Organisation Development for Teradata, an IT services company based in San Diego, CA. They have more than 10,000 employees and they’re going through a global transformation.

    In her role, she is responsible for engaging, identifying, and deploying talent against Teradata's strategic plan. She leads a team responsible for engagement and retention, performance management, strategic work force planning, organisational effectiveness, succession planning, organisation review, and assessment.

    Lisa has over 20 years of experience in talent management and leadership development holding leadership and global roles in companies like Gap, Sony, and Qualcomm as well as some companies in the life sciences industry prior to joining Teradata.

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